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Nananu-i-ra Island

Nananu-i-Ra (nah-nah-nooey-rah) is an island in the Bligh Waters just off the north-east tip of the main island of Viti Levu in Fiji. It is one of several offshore islands at this part of the coastline, and the views here are quite outstanding. The fringing reefs colour the waters between the mainland and the islands in a myriad of blues and turquoise. The general region is known as the Sunshine Coast, or Sun Coast, as it has a lower than average annual rainfall. This makes it ideal as a holiday destination or for permanent residence. In fact the area is a very popular new investment area, with resort developments and residential development.

Nananu-i-ra Accommodation

For a long time, the island was home to just a few small backpacker resorts, but more recently more upmarket developments have arisen, along with watersports services. It is fast becoming an island of tourism diversity and whether the budget is small or large, or whether one's energy level is relaxed or energetic, Nananu-i-Ra suits perfectly. Indeed the name in Fijian can be interpreted as "daydream island" and it is certainly an ideal location for daydreaming!

On the promontory closest to the mainland, residential villas of varied design have been built along the beach over the years. However, the major part of the island on the other end of the island, and beyond the budget backpacker accommodations, has recently been purchased for more expansive development of luxury resort living and residential villas.

Access to Nananu-i-Ra is by way of a short open boat ride from Ellington Wharf on Viti Levu; the wharf is just a short distance south-east of the Wananavu Beach Resort. The journey takes about 10 exhilarating minutes across the narrow causeway between islands and mainland. As your boat slows down and bobs gently as it approaches the sandy beaches of Nananu-i-Ra you will feel the stresses float away like petals on the ocean.

Nananu-i-Ra Beach
Nananu-I-Ra Island Fiji Islands
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Welcome to Nananu-i-ra Fiji. 

This web site is dedicated to Nananu-i-ra island, it contains information about the island and surrounding area. The island is located just a few km off of the north coast of Viti Levu near to the town of Rakiraki. The island is home to a couple of resorts and backpacker cottage accommodation options (bure) as well as private homes and villas.

Nananu-i-Ra means 'dreamland of the west' and has a romantic tale woven into its fabric.  Legend has it that a young chief from Vanua Levu fell in love with a girl from Viti Levu but their association was frowned upon by their elders. They escaped to Nananu-i-Ra, which is situated between the two islands, to be together in their dreamland.


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